In conjunction with the friendly shop [M&M] Body Shapes,
AGNIESZKA Allstar - A&A Fashion Shop, are pleased to invite
all womens, to the big 50% sale, the occasion is INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY.
The sale will be only 8 march.
We invite you to visit our stores. Except the sale, you can find in here
some gifts. You must find 2x red roses!
Thats all for the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY, to our faces grew even more feminine smile :)))))
The best wishes straight from our heart a lot of smiles and beautiful moments in your life in celebration of International Womens Day
Wishes You [Ricky,Krystian,Marcus,Prince,Pablo,Mark] models from M&M Body Shop.

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Anonimowy pisze...

Pięknie super malina zdolna Pani Agnieszka :)

AGNIESZKA Allstar pisze...

dziekuje slicznie za slodki komentarz :)

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