The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is the greatest extragovernment charity organization in Poland which saves lives providing public pediatric hospitals with highly specialistic, modern medical equipment. The WOŚP foundation buys the equipment for cardiosurgical, neonatology, oncological, nephrological wards and also for intensive care and of younger children departments.

A basic aim of the Foundation is saving lives, particularly of children, improvment of their health, as well as health promotion and education in the field of preventive treatment.

The Orchestra has also became a powerful medium spreading the ideology of kindness, friendship, tolerance, and openness not only in Poland, but outside the borders of our country too.

This is the 20th Grand Finale, and in Second Life we play for the 5th time. Until now, during 4 finales we have gathered 1 580 300 L$ in Second Life. 
This year We Play With Pomp for: healthy mom, healthy prematurely born child, healthy child. We collect money for modern equipment to save the lives of premature babies, and for insulin pumps for diabetic pregnant women. The date of the Great Finale is 8 January 2012. Join us!

Thanks to Second Life, You can become the part of it. Remember, every linden is the small step to save the health and life of children.

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The official site WOŚP
Our blog about the charity in Second Life

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