Contest 2swiat BLOG

Contest 2swiat BLOG 

2swiat blog celebrates its first birthday in March. On this occasion, we invite you to a competition to create a full avatar. The total cost of the various components of an avatar (shape, skin, hair, eyelashes, nails, clothes, shoes, etc.) may not exceed 250L$. The competition is open to everyone (including bloggers) but we will not accept applications from designers who create products for avatars.

Shape can be made by your own if you wish. You are free to use group gifts and cheapies.

The main prize in the contest is 1500L$. For those who come up with interesting projects but won’t get the main prize we will prepare gifts out of Wertina products.

Photos with descriptions and all queries should be send by email to Descriptions need to include price, store name and a product name of each avatar component.

Deadline: 31st of March

Picture format: jpeg

If you need more information or have questions send notcard to
 Patina Edwardstone

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